The Turkish Publishers Association

Turkish Publishers Association is a national non-governmental organisation representing the aspects of book and journal publishing in Turkey. Established in 1985 in Istanbul by publishers and publishing distributors, TPA’s missions are: 

   • to represent the occupations of publishing and publishing distribution 
   • to develop the standards of the industry in terms of professional and publication quality
   • to lobby around the issues of copyright, professional rights and other crucial matters to protect, promote and advance publishing and to raise awareness for the occupational problems of publishers
  • to fight against book piracy
  • to provide comprehensive information to its members and public about legislative processes and global professional events and developments relating publishing
  • to support the development and implementation of efficient literacy policies
  • to support the development and spreading of arts and culture
  • to work towards ensuring the freedom of thought, expression and publishing
  • to work towards shifting Turkey up to become an international publishing center

As the oldest nationwide publishing industry association, TPA currently has nearly 300 active members including book and magazine publishers and publication distributors. TPA is also a member of the International Publishers Association (IPA).